Join the lab

Beginning August 2019, undergraduate research projects will be available for course credit or for hourly pay (note: no volunteer opportunities are available). If you are a KU student interested in one of these opportunities, please e-mail me a note describing your research goals, relevant courses you have taken, why you want to work in my lab, and previous research experience (if any). Projects can be either guided or independent, depending on your interest and level of experience.

Prospective graduate students:
Currently, no funded positions for graduate students are available. Please check back later; new opportunities may arise if funds become available.

Alternatively, if you would like to apply for a NSF GRFP or other pre-doctoral fellowship, I am happy to help. Please read about the EEB program here, and then email me a copy of your CV, a description of your research interests, and a note describing why you believe the Wagner lab would be a good fit for you and vice versa.

I encourage prospective postdocs to email me about current opportunities. I am always open to sponsoring proposals for postdoc fellowships – If our research interests are a good match, I will be happy to assist with and support your proposal(s). Fellowships are available from funding sources such as: