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Current lab members

Maggie R. Wagner (PI)

I’m a plant biologist who is interested in the genetics and evolution of complex traits, plant-microbiome interactions, and phenotypic plasticity. When I’m not doing science I love hiking, gardening, and playing + watching hockey.

A very cute sleeping Akita mix whose tongue is poking out of her mouth


Position: Lab security
Research interests: Allometry of canine
tongue size and mouth capacity

A very goofy lab-pit bull mix running joyfully toward the camera in a grassy field


Position: Lab lab (mix)
Research interests: Cuddles

A beautiful tortoiseshell cat with her paws on a laptop


Position: Lab typist
Research interests: X-chromosome inactivation; Patterns of attention-seeking behavior in adult tortoiseshell cats

Wagner lab alums

A crazy-looking Siamese mix cat curled up in a chair


Position: Social events co-coordinator
Research interests: Neuroscience of catnip response in male Siamese-mix felines

A white and brown English Pointer rolling in dirt and looking very pleased with himself

Bam Bam

Position: Social events co-coordinator
Research interests: Canine-soil interactions